Man With Mop And Wet Floor SignWe don’t just clean, we sanitize, that is our motto and we live by it. We are not like the other companies who think that cleaning is the removal of soils from surfaces, pull the trash, sweep and mop is cleaning.  But we at STERICLEAN OFFICE CLEANERS are not like the rest, we know that removal of soils from surfaces is only the first step in cleaning and we go the extra mile and always perform a second step in the cleaning process which is the sanitizing of spaces.

This means, after the initial cleaning is completed we go over it again a second time with an Eco-friendly disinfectant which will kill C-DIFF, MRSA and HIV/ AIDS to name a few. Our office cleaning method saves employers money by decreasing sick calls due to viral illnesses spread from having offices which are not sanitized. Disinfecting of high and low touch point and surfaces reduces the spread of germs and viruses.  Call or email us today for a FREE ESTIMATE (718) 880-5546.